@nseo.net Blogging workshop at CESI

CESI, the Computers in Education Society of Ireland, hold an annual conference and this year I was lucky enough to be selected to give a workshop called Blogging in Primary – essentially how to use a blog in primary schools.  My main purpose was to show how easy it is for schools to set up a blog and write up blog entries.  I used @nseo.net to allow participants to practice.
I took a risk and decided not to do a “step-by-step” presentation on how to write a blog.  I gave a small 5 minute introduction to blogging and then told everyone to log on to @nseo and blog!  I gave very little further information and I was delighted to see almost everybody blogging within 30 seconds!
For me, I got some important feedback which will be filtering through to the web site soon.  Two issues that came up were:

  1. The @nseo logo may be confusing for people because of the “@” symbol.
  2. Security issues around students blogging.

With regards to the second item, I will be highlighting my usage policy, which essentially kicks off bloggers who abuse the service.  I’ll think of some way to sort out issue one.
If anyone has any comments they would like to make, please do so – @nseo is constantly evolving to meet primary school teachers needs and wants.

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