Eir announced that they will now be charging €5.99 per month for their email service. Hundreds of schools have Eir email addresses, many of which are @eircom.net but there are some even with @tinet.ie addresses. There is a grace period of a couple of months before the charge kicks in and many schools will want to avoid this charge. What are the options for schools?

Get a professional email address

If your school has a website (and if it doesn’t – why doesn’t it?) you may own a domain, for example stpatricksns.ie or randomtownetns.ie and so on. If you do, it is well worth having a professional email to match your domain. For example [email protected]. It looks a lot better and it is likely that it isn’t going to cost you anything to do. If you haven’t got a domain, I’d recommend getting one!

Move to Gmail

Gmail is free and a million times more powerful than Eir’s solution. The Irish Times even did a feature on how to change over to the new service. The link is below.


Stick with Eir

In this case, make sure to pay your €5.99 a month so you can keep emailing. Just be sure to note that if you miss a payment, your email will go down and you may miss very important emails.

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