Digital Schools of Distinction Booster Programme

The following is a series of guest posts from a school involved in the Digital Cluster Initiative. The school has teamed up with Edanu, a company involved in the Digital Schools of Distinction Programme. Over the coming months, we will be publishing the story of this project. Here is the first one.

As the digital evolution continues to build momentum in Irish schools, I thought I would take a moment to look at something that is happening right now in 30 schools around the country – the Digital Schools of Distinction booster programme. I’m going to quickly introduce you to the programme here and then follow-up with diary entry posts from one of the participating schools – Scoil Cliodhna CNS – documenting their journey all the way from day 1 through to the end of the programme.

Participating schools are using Cocoon (a new online teaching, planning and assessment tool built by Edanu) to support their teachers in the classroom, as well as their their whole-school planning/ ICT leadership team and the school community. The schools will have three months to work with Cocoon to develop all five DSoD criteria

  1. Leadership and Vision
  2. ICT Integration in the Curriculum
  3. School ICT Culture
  4. Continuing Professional Development
  5. Resources and Infrastructure

The pilot started a few weeks  ago, the 30 schools have started to look at the Cocoon portal to see what it can do for their schools. Can it help them achieve their digital flag? I will post regular updates from Scoil Cliodhna – stay tuned!

For more information on Cocoon, or the booster programme, you can get in touch with Edanu.

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