Christmas table quiz-suitable for 5th and 6th

Here is the table quiz i will be doing tomorrow with my class tomorrow, 5th Class…you will have to adapt the questions about yourself!
Table Quiz
What is the capital of Ireland?
What is the longest river in Ireland? Shannon
Name the 4 provinces?
Where does the word “ Cuige” get its name from?
What county is teacher  from?
What river runs through our Town?
What is the second smallest county? Carlow?
What is the biggest county? Cork
What country did Rosa Parks come from?
What is the name of our Minister of Education?
What was the “Athenian Phalanx”?
What mythological character touched things and they turned to gold?
Who invented pasteurisation?
What are the Croppy Graves?
What was said to have spread the “Black Plague”?
Who is the President of Ireland?
Our school
What is Jimmy’s surname?
What county is Mr. Hartnett from?
What is Mr. Kelly’s second job?
What is the name of Mrs. Lewis’ cat?
What is Ms. Kinsella’s favourite film?
What was the name of Ms. Kavanagh’s play yesterday?
What is Fr. Dunphy’s dog called?
What is Ms. Townsend’s new baby boy called?
Music/ TV/Sport
Who plays the part of Hannah Montana? Miley Cyrus
What films do Troy and Gabriella star in?
Who is the new manager of Newcastle Utd?Sam Alderdice
What team does my husband support?
Who came second in the X-Factor?
Who sings “Run”?
Who put the whole of Springfield in a big glass bowl? Environmental Protection Agency
Who is the number one race car driver at the moment? Lewis Hamilton
What is six square?
How many degrees in a triangle? 180
What is the sum of the first five number, 1,2,3,4,5?
What change would you get from five euro if you bought a can of coke for 1.10 and a chocolate bar for 79c?
Simplify 36/48- 3/4
What is the average of 100,20 and 3?41
Write in 24 hour format. 25 to 6 in the evening
What is the chance of getting a number nine in a full pack of cards?4/52 or 1/13
Christmas round
What does the Pink candle in the wreath stand for?
Finish the line…Sleigh Bells are listening, in the lane snow is…
What did my true love send to me on the first day of Christmas?
Who sang “ White Christmas”? Bing Crosby
What 3 gifts did the three kings bring to Jesus?
Name any reindeer except Rudolph?
What is the Irish for brussel sprouts? baclóga bhruiséil
At Christmas, it is customary to exchange kisses beneath a sprig of which plant?
Christmas songs- teacher hums
Jingle Bells
Rocking around the christmas tree
White Christmas
Santa Claus is coming to town
Silent Night
Frosty the Snowman
Mary’s Boy Child

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