Final Thoughts from INTO Presidential Candidates

Gregor Kerr Members have a choice. They can vote for more of the same, for the status quo. Or they can vote for Change and Empowerment.   I am not promising that a Vote for me will change things overnight but I am inviting union members to vote for me and to work with me to … Read more

Do the candidates have opinion on other initiatives?

Apart from the few government initiatives mentioned in the last few days, what do our two candidates think about some of the other things that have been launched into schools? John Boyle Initiatives such as healthy eating, active schools, green schools, internet safety, anti-bullying are all worthwhile but increasingly schools are expected to take the place … Read more

On coding in schools

Gregor Kerr How many times has the Minister announced Coding as his big new idea? I’ve lost count. But he seems to think if he just announces it enough times it will happen – nothing about the training necessary, nothing about the equipment necessary, nothing about the infrastructure such as wifi. And absolutely nothing useful … Read more

On the New Primary Curriculum

John Boyle Our 1999 Curriculum is now one of the oldest in Europe. I welcome the fact that the revisions will be introduced over a long period with the curriculum not expected to be fully implemented in senior classes until 2020. But I also have quite a number of concerns about the new language curriculum … Read more

On Cosán: INTO Presidential Interview

Gregor Kerr As a member of the Teaching Council I will be watching this one very closely. Teachers are continuously upskilling, they do not need to be forced into completing CPD. Teachers themselves know what CPD they need and when they need it. Current provisions work well. The INTO must oppose any attempt to make … Read more

On Droichead

Readers of will know of my own stance on Droichead, which I’ve been campaigning against for a couple of years. One of my big criticisms of Droichead has been the INTO’s strange decision to support it. What are the candidates’ opinions on Droichead? Note: At the time of writing this article, The Teaching Council … Read more

On JobBridge

Gregor Kerr I opposed its introduction. I supported NQTs when they looked for a directive against participation in the Work Placement Programme (JobBridge’s forerunner). It is important to remember that the CEC opposed that directive and argued at the Special Conference which discussed the issue that we should allow WPP into our schools in order … Read more

On Aistear

We ask the candidates some short questions on various initiatives brought in by government over the last couple of years. We hoped for some short answers but sometimes… John Boyle Aistear has been welcomed and commended by teachers for providing a framework for continuity of learning for children from birth to age six. However there … Read more

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