It’s (unfortunately) all about the money

As Meja sang (I had to google her!), this episode is all about the money and it’s all about the dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb decisions recently made by the Department of Education. I look at the School Book Grant, the Ancillary Grant, and look forward to the summer programme, all of which have had their funds cut.

Good GRACE!, Poland Bans Home, Warming to the Smartphone Ban

This week we talk about the divestment of the first Catholic school to Educate Together, followed by the findings of the Grace report, indicating a discrepancy between the religious beliefs of teachers and their roles in Catholic schools. While one commentator blames the teachers, another blames the whole Catholic community. Next, I discuss the Polish government’s ban on homework for primary students, … Read more

INTO Congress, Moral Panic and Gender, Book Grant Uncertainty

In this episode, I explore the landscape of primary education in Ireland, focusing on the outcomes of the INTO Congress, the ongoing conversations regarding gender identity in schools, and the looming uncertainties over the primary school book grant scheme. I delve into the controversies surrounding teacher compensation for overseas work, the dominance of religious control … Read more

After Josepha, Physical Aggression Rising, Estonia is the new Finland.

In this episode, I reflect on the implications of Josepha Madigan’s departure as the Minister for Special Education and whether the position will ever exist again. I also ponder on the INTO’s survey on physical aggression. Finally, we move to Estonia and explore why they are now kings and queens of Europe and why Ireland … Read more

Education News: Mid-March 2024

In this episode, I wonder about the quantum of SET agendas and why the IPPN has decided to go against its members. I discuss why the media have reduced a completely changed curriculum down to sex. Finally I deny that I’ve been looking through your bins. Links to articles discussed can be found on

Education News: Late February 2024

In this podcast episode, I discuss the challenges in special education, specifically the issues with school allocations and the ineffectiveness of the current system. I also delve into the expansion of the school transport system and the complications arising due to patronage. Lastly, I touch on the topic of Irish exemptions and the audit of … Read more

Education News: 1st half of February 2024

In this latest episode of the podcast ‘If I were the Minister for Education’, I explore the recent happenings within the Irish primary education system, discussing the aftermath of SET allocations and the implications this had on schools and teachers. The episode also delves into the issue of Irish school buildings being gifted to private … Read more

SET Allocations – Were Children Screwed Over by the Algorithm?

In this episode of ‘If I were the Minister for Education’, I explore the current state of Irish primary education, particularly focusing on SET (Special Education Teaching) allocations. My research reveals that developing schools have been majorly overlooked in SET allocations, leading to a significant resource gap compared to non-developing schools. I discuss how there … Read more

Education News: 1st half of January 2024

Welcome to another kind of experimental version of the show because I have decided that I’m going to try and extend the podcast to YouTube – you can check the video version of it at Show note are available on here: Topics covered: Should School Summer Holidays be shorter? Gifting Solar Panels … Read more

The 50 Most Influential People in Education – Part 3

Back in 2011, The Irish Times published a list, which they deemed to be the 50 most influential people in education. I’ve been profiling them now for a while, and I’ve already done the top 10 numbers, 11 to 20, and now it’s time for numbers. 21 to 30. Let’s see, who’s made the list … Read more

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