Interview 10: Conor Bredin (Part 2)

It’s not often you’ll hear me speechless but in this part of my interview with Conor Bredin, he speaks about his experience of being a gay teacher in Ireland. For anyone that thinks working in the Catholic system is no harm, needs to listen to this. Conor gives his thoughts on this issue and sums … Read more

Interview 10: Conor Bredin (Part 1)

In this 3-part episode, I interview Conor Bredin – teacher, podcaster and author. Conor will be well known to anyone who was at the 2022 INTO Congress where he received a standing ovation for telling his experience of being a gay teacher in Ireland. However, Conor wears many hats and in this part I learn … Read more

Live Poetry Reading: Catholics up to no good, as usual

Forgive the paraphrased Father Ted quote but it’s probably appropriate after reading Emma O’Kelly’s excellent article: “Bishops sought ‘commitment’ on priority for Catholic children in schools” I read through this article attempting to give further context and background, as well as cringe through the astounding arrogance shown by the parties involved. {{where-to-listen}}

Minister Josepha making schools Mad-again.

This week (May 31st) the SNA allocations were released to primary schools. It had been promised that a new frontloading model was to be used but for a third year in a row, school allocations were frozen. In this episode, I examine: why the representative bodies rarely, if ever, publicly condemn the NCSE why the … Read more

Interview 9: Climate Crisis with the Irish Schools Sustainability Network

One thing that binds us all together is our planet, and it would seem surprising if teachers around the country wouldn’t be worried about the impending climate crisis. I was thrilled to be joined by Mary Moore and Laura Ní Mhaille from the Irish Schools Sustainability Network to discuss how teachers can help. We got … Read more

interview 8: All About Chess with

Probably my own claim to fame was that I once represented Ireland in the Olympics playing chess. And before you go googling, it was 1993 and it was the Jewish Olympics and I was 14. While I stopped playing seriously I’ve always loved the game so I was delighted to meet with Damien Fallon and … Read more

Communion Season: You can’t have your cupcake and eat it

Every May in Ireland, newspapers, magazines and radio shows are full of talk about Communion Season, as it seems collectively to be known. And during Communion Season, (I dislike that term), you hear lots of talk about getting the house painted and decorated, you hear a lot about dinner plans in hotels, you hear a … Read more

Interview 7: John Gunnell – Reconfiguring to a CNS

In September 2022, Nenagh will become the town with the first “thriving” school to reconfigure to the ETB and change from being a Catholic School to being a Community National School. John Gunnell is currently the principal of St. Mary’s Junior Boys’ National School, soon to be Nenagh CNS. I’ve covered the politics behind the … Read more

Post Pandemic Boundaries

I hate to bring the C word up again, especially so soon after we seemed, as a nation, to decide that COVID19 was all over and we could start shaking hands, giving each other hugs and having bonfires fuelled by hand sanitiser! Actually, I’m joking about the last bit – don’t try it, kids. While … Read more

Interview 6: Annie Asgard – All About EAL

If I was the Minister for Education, I think I’d hire my guest this week as my deputy! If you don’t know Annie Asgard, you are in for a treat. Annie and I could talk about anything but we decided to focus on EAL (English as an Additional Language) teaching. It’s relevant always but in … Read more

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