Review: Conflict resolution(Prim-Ed)

Conflict Resolution is a set of 3 teacher resource books from Prim-Ed. As teachers, we know that the children in our care need to improve our conflict resolution skills. Some children can lack any form of ability to deal with conflict positively.

The three books are broken up into lower, middle and upper primary level. Suitable for a good 1st but 2nd,3rd might be better for the lower end and then depending on your own class, the middle for 4th/5th and upper for 5th/6th.

They follow the usual Prim-Ed format, one page for teacher notes and lesson plan with the other a student’s page for consolidation. It is worth keeping in mind that the SPHE curriculum (from which these book’s aims stem from) is primarily focussed on an active learning methodology. The student pages may be useful as extension or a take home exercise as there are plenty activities to work on within the teacher notes sections.

The books utilise three sections:conflict resolution and give a clear step procedure for helping children. It aims to teach children that dealing with conflict does not have to be a negative one.

The second section of the program is one of peer mediation. This is where conflicting parties cannot agree on a solution and a neutral third person is asked in to help. This should only be attempted in schools where students and staff have been trained in these skills. Fiona Mc Auslan runs some brilliant conflict resolution courses for this type of thing. The Prim-Ed books will help children understand mediation steps and how to use compromise and decision making skills.

The third section is in the area of negotiation, a problem solving process used to resolve conflict. The Prim-Ed books help the student to understand the steps that can be used in negotiation.

Within the SPHE, there are specific skills and attitudes that need to be fostered. I was happy to see these books making great use of the skills-appreciating difference and tolerance, communication skills, anger management, peacemaking, teamwork and problem solving.

The series links in perfectly with the SPHe curriculum and will help a class that just doesn’t get on with each or where there are signs of bullying behaviour beginning.

I found the activities to be fun and based on the SPHE methodolgies so children are going to enjoy and engage with the content as well. There are brilliant teacher notes that give inside information on conflict resolution.

To supplement the books, there are some posters which focus in on the core elements of the program like conflict, resolving conflict, team members and managing your anger. If a teacher is using the lessons in these books then they will find these a brilliant visual reminder for the children. Prim-Ed also have a book entitled “Bullying and conflict resolution” which will supplement your teaching.

Conflict resolution skills are such invaluable life lessons, they link in well with current research in emotional intelligence and Prim-Ed have given us a brilliant program that requires little preparation on behalf of the teacher. I especially liked the reference to helping parents get involved as the skills being taught can be transferred to the home setting.

I am awarding these products “Top of the Class” as they are invaluable, easy to use, fun and curriculum focussed.

They cost €24.99 and are available from the Prim-Ed website.


Last Update: August 22, 2017  

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