How can I use tablets in a room with no WiFi?

Often Irish primary schools will extend or build on prefabricated buildings to their permanent structure and often they will not have a WiFi infrastructure. This article assumes that WiFi is available in other parts of the school. There are 2 possibilities here. The first is that the new room has a wired network point. This … Read more

Is there a perfect AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy) for Internet?

Sadly, the short answer to this question, is “no.” However, the PDSTTiE (formerly NCTE) website has some advice, but even more helpfully, it points to one of its sister websites, WebWise, which gives some comprehensive support on creating an AUP. There are even some samples on the WebWise page here¬†which have been recommended. Finally, my … Read more

Any advice for buying touch panel screens?

If you’ve decided to buy touch panel screen, there’s just a few things I’d recommend because there is very little difference really between the well made brands in terms of price and quality. Buy local – this is particularly important for after-sales service. If there’s a problem, you want to be waiting the least amount … Read more

Do new school builds come with Interactive Whiteboards?

Getting a new school building is a lovely experience for everyone. Although a lot of work for the principal who needs to remember the building project management module(!) he/she did in teacher training college, once everyone moves in, it’s worth all the phonecalls and screaming matches. New School Buildings in 2018 don’t come with a … Read more

What apps should I get for my iPad?

This is probably one of the most popular questions I am asked on and I don’t really like answering it because my answer doesn’t make me very popular! I also don’t own an iPad anymore and haven’t done so since I bought the first one all those years ago. I have found that most … Read more

Can parents subscribe to updates on new Google Sites?

Our school want to start using new google sites for each class as class blogs. Is there a way that parents can subscribe to updates on these sites and get an email notification when the site is updated?¬† The new Google Sites is a big improvement on its predecessor and many schools could be tempted … Read more

How free is G Suite (Google Apps)?

A teacher in a school was asking me whether she should consider moving from Microsoft Office to G Suite for Education in order to save money. The purpose of this article is not to judge the merits of either suite of applications, as this is very much subjective. However, it interested me because, at first, … Read more

What laptop should I buy for a teacher in school?

Things have become a bit less straightforward in the world of laptops. There was a bit of a period where things had become fairly easy and you could go into any shop and buy any laptop and expect things to go pretty well. If fact, up until this year, I would have said to you … Read more

What Apps should I download for my Android Tablet?

There are a number of Irish websites out there that recommend Apps for tablets but they generally all tend to be for iPads, which isn’t much good if you have just bought a class set of Android tablets. That isn’t to say that you’ve made a mistake buying Android over iPads. In fact, for most … Read more

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