Maths Homework – Prim-Ed

Maths Homework is a set of seven books to consolidate mathematical concepts that would be learned in school. Adapted from the UK curriculum, the books attempt to match up the 7 age-groups (reception to year 6) to the 8 year curriculum in Ireland. Therefore, this programme starts at a Senior Infant level and works its … Read more

Teaching Values Toolkit – Prim-Ed

As some of this site’s readers know, I work in an Educate Together school. One thing, as ET teachers, we’re always looking for are resources to support our Learn Together (LT) curriculum. Because Prim-Ed sell their books in several countries, a lot of their stuff that is usually tailored to the UK or Australian market … Read more

Hitachi Software Bundle

Hitachi-Cambridge are a company that sell all sorts of electronic equipment, including Interactive Whiteboards. I believe their Interactive Whiteboards are the best quality out there and although they are a bit more expensive than the others, they have functions and service that no other board out there can match. I’m usually quite critical of the … Read more

I was asked to review the web site, which is an online eLearning course in German. It is aimed at children from 5th class upwards (as part of the foreign languages programme in Kildare Education Centre) and also for second level students. As is aimed at primary level, this review will focus on … Read more

Corrections from June IWB Review

My June review sparked a few emails from some companies and some of the information I put on the review was inaccurate.  Rather than waiting for the next review, (which won’t be until late summer), I’ll use this post as a kind of appendix.  If you’ve noticed something wrong with the review, let me know and I’ll pop it on this post.  I will also add it as a comment on the original post.

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Easi Listener

The Easi Listener is not just any old CD Player and radio.  It’s got a few little surprises.  The little surprises come in the form of 6 ports for ear phones.  That way up to 6 children can listen to the same piece of audio at the same time.  To be honest, I’m struggling to … Read more

Review: Imagebank

Imagebank is an offshoot of the government agency, the N.C.T.E., National Centre for Technology in Education.  The idea is that teachers and pupils can search for images that can be used for free for educational purposes.  It’s been around for about a year. The reason I’m reviewing it now is because they’ve undergone a makeover.

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Voting systems for Interactive Whiteboards have been around for a few years.  I remember testing one out back in 2004 and playing an educational version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and being mightily impressed.  The voting system had 9 numbers and an “Enter” button and by giving multiple choice questions, a group of … Read more

Know Your… (Edware)

On March 31st, I reviewed “Know Your Ireland”.  It received our accolade, “Top of the Class” as it’s a brilliant piece of software.  However, there are three other titles in the series and in order not to be repetitive, I’m reviewing all three in the one article.  The programs are: Know Your Europe, Know Your … Read more

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