Review: Handwriting Today and Let’s join in software:Prim-Ed

Review: Handwriting Today Cursive Writing Pupil Workbooks and Let’s join in-handwriting today software from Prim-Ed The Handwriting Today series is made up of four pupil workbooks A-D. With the new writing language curriculum ready to enfold itself upon Irish primary classrooms, teachers will need to take a look at their current handwriting pedagogy. The great … Read moreReview: Handwriting Today and Let’s join in software:Prim-Ed

Review: The School Directory

The School Directory is a new service for schools to search for and find substitute teachers and SNAs. It enters a market where text-a-sub is king and the INTO Sub Search is not far behind it and both of them are completely free to teachers and schools. Text-a-sub from IPPN allows schools to ask for … Read moreReview: The School Directory

Everyday Literacy:Speaking and listening

Prim-Ed Review:Everyday Literacy:Speaking and listening Prim-Ed have released three books called Everyday literacy:Speaking and Listening. I am not sure what everyday literacy reference means! I am also unsure why literacy just covers speaking and listening in the title but inside the series tells us the books are focused on reading and oral language. Confusion aside … Read moreEveryday Literacy:Speaking and listening

Time Matters from Prim-Ed

Time Matters from Prim-Ed These are made up of two books and do exactly what the title says and deal with the different aspects of teaching time. The authors of these books go into huge detail about time, devoting pages to the topic of time, pointing out that teaching time to children covers much more than … Read moreTime Matters from Prim-Ed

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