Can you use the interactive whiteboard as a projector screen for movies?

The simple answer to this question is yes. An interactive whiteboard is made up (mainly) of two parts – a projector and the whiteboard itself. The projector’s job is to project whatever image is on to the whiteboard. Even if you didn’t have the whiteboard, the projector would be all you need for playing movies. … Read more

My pen for my IWB is broken. Can I use any Interactive pen?

Interactive Whiteboards comes in a few different flavours these days. The two main categories can be loosely described as: Traditional Interactive Whiteboards Interactive Touch Screens The second type is the newer type of board and is basically a giant TV screen which can be interacted with touch. It doesn’t require a particular stylus so most … Read more

What types of Promethean boards are there?

Interactive Whiteboard

Since the peak of Interactive Whiteboard usage in Ireland in 2009-10, the number of types of Interactive Whiteboard available here has decreased. There are very few companies left that directly support Irish schools and many companies have fallen by the wayside. Back in the day, Promethean and SMART were the two big brand names. Promethean … Read more

My cursor hangs when I plug in my Interactive Whiteboard. Help!

I received the following question from a user about his Traceboard. What is the problem when my trace board is connected to the computer system, the cursor will immediately hook (hang, stops), when disconnected it works? I will appreciate your quick response please. Thanks. This issue can happen with any Interactive Whiteboard and there could … Read more

Any advice for buying touch panel screens?

If you’ve decided to buy touch panel screen, there’s just a few things I’d recommend because there is very little difference really between the well made brands in terms of price and quality. Buy local – this is particularly important for after-sales service. If there’s a problem, you want to be waiting the least amount … Read more

Do new school builds come with Interactive Whiteboards?

Getting a new school building is a lovely experience for everyone. Although a lot of work for the principal who needs to remember the building project management module(!) he/she did in teacher training college, once everyone moves in, it’s worth all the phonecalls and screaming matches. New School Buildings in 2018 don’t come with a … Read more

I’ve lost my driver to my Interactive Whiteboard

Back in the mid-noughties, there were nearly 30 brands of Interactive Whiteboard on the market. Within a few years, most of the companies that sold these boards either went out of business or simply stopped selling these boards. When schools bought these boards, the companies usually came into the school and set them up. This … Read more

My projector has broken. Should I replace my Interactive Whiteboard?

Traditionally, Interactive Whiteboards come in two main parts – the board and the projector. The board is usually something that will last a long time but the projector usually needs more maintenance. Bulbs tend to blow every 3-5 years and the filters often need cleaning. Technology, as we know, moves quickly so by the time a … Read more

Questions to ask about Interactive Touch Screens

At the recent IPPN conference expo, it was interesting to see the number of companies selling interactive touchscreens. They are being hailed as the successor to Interactive Whiteboards and they were certainly giving the principals some food for thought. The big selling point seemed to be that with an Interactive Touchscreen, there was no need … Read more

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