Who is selling Interactive Touchscreen Displays?

If you are to believe what you hear, Interactive Whiteboards are about to be made obsolete by Interactive Touchscreen Displays, also known as Touchscreen TVs, LCD Touch Screens and various combinations of these words. I don’t think an acronym has been agreed on yet so I’m just going to call them Touch Screen Displays for the … Read more

Why your IWB might be dim

I recently received a question via the contact form on the web site looking for advice about Interactive Whiteboards. The question went something along the lines of: in my classroom I have a IWB and projector. When I switch it on, the picture is so faint that the children cannot really see what is on display. … Read more

Are we using our Interactive Whiteboards properly?

With all the hype around Interactive Whiteboards all but disappeared, about 90% of Irish primary classrooms now have them installed and they are generally being used on a daily basis. However, while Interactive Whiteboards might be used everyday, there’s a question mark over how they are being used in classrooms and are we using them effectively? … Read more

Hooking up an iPad to an IWB

Lately, the most popular question I’m asked by teachers is how to hook up an iPad to an Interactive Whiteboard. Technically, there isn’t a way of hooking up an iPad to an IWB. Rather you’re connecting it to a projector as, at this time of writing, there is no way to physically interact with the … Read more

Digital Signage in Schools

Last year my school invested in some Digital Signage. In the article, I wanted to share some of the ways we’ve been using the Digital Signage and how it has added to our communication system in the school. For those who haven’t head of Digital Signage, you will definitely have seen it! Look around many shopping … Read more

Why is your projector not working?

Many schools installed Interactive whiteboards and projectors over the last  few  years but at this stage, warranties are starting to run out and, inevitably, that’s when things start to go wrong.  In order to minimise major breakdowns, it is recommended to treat a projector like a car – it needs a bit of a service … Read more

Review of every Interactive Whiteboard

This is the last Interactive Whiteboard review that Anseo.net did in April 2011. Things have changed considerably since then in terms of pricing. These days IWBs are much of a muchness and the interactive element of the board is becoming less and less important. However, for those looking for an IWB, it might be helpful to … Read more

Clasus Interactive Whiteboard

Clasus  is a Portuguese company that sell Interactive Whiteboards that look like Promethean IWBs, act like Promethean IWBs and may as well be Promethean IWBs under a different name (allegedly). Maltec are the Irish company attempting to sell these  boards for less than Promethean’s price.  Clasus made their name in Ireland under their former distributors, Screenflex, … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying an Interactive Whiteboard

You’ve been given a bit of money to spend on Interactive Whiteboards and you’re charged with getting the “best” board for your school. With over 20 different options available, what do you choose? Over the next while I’ll try to take the confusion out of buying an IWB. Please add your comments at the end … Read more

What software comes with Interactive Whiteboards?

All Interactive Whiteboards come with some sort of software, which enables you to “write” and annotate on them.  Generally all software allows you to write in “flipcharts” or “scrapbooks” and save your annotations which include tools like, pens, highlighters, graphics and text.  The quality of the software often influences whether a person will purchase a … Read more

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