The Blog Awards Ireland are Back!

Image from Blog Awards Ireland

Last year Damien Mulley announced that he was ending the Irish Blog Awards just in time for me to pluck up the confidence to enter so I was delighted when I heard that my friends in the KLCK Bloggers’ Network decided to take it on. The Blog Awards Ireland will be  happening later this year and with so many teachers and schools blogging right now, it’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your blog to the judges.
The category that most teachers will be interested in is the Science/Education section, which is a category that was in the old Irish Blog Awards. It would have been nice for science and education to be separate from each other as, while there is some relationship between the two subjects, both are huge areas with huge diversity. I would love to see loads of education blogs entered this year in order for it to become a category in its own right.
If you fancy nominating into the awards, I’d be grateful if you click on the badge on the right hand side.

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