And the IPPN Cheapest Interactive Whiteboard Solution is…

Good news for’s sponsors, SmartBoard – one of their resellers beat all the competition to become the cheapest fully-featured Interactive Whiteboard Solution.   Liosdoire Computers, based in Co. Kerry, are a very well-known company, which opened in 2002.

Lisdoire Computers – the cheapest IWBs in Ireland

They have been doing the education exhibition circuit since I became aware of Interactive Whiteboards and their salesmanship and service is individual and, as far as I could see, very competitive.

With the price of IWBs tumbling down this week, Liosdoire reset the bar.  For a fully-kitted out IWB solution, which includes the board, speakers, ceiling-mounted projector and software, it will set you back a paltry €2,400.  I was so surprised, I had to go back to the stand to confirm that it wasn’t a joke.  When I went back today, the salesman asked me: “Are you back again? Didn’t I tell you yesterday €2,400?”  I still didn’t believe him and asked could I put the price up on this web site.  Indeed I could.
It must be noted that this package is a result of trying to compete with the likes of eBeam and Mimio, who sell at around €2,500 for a complete package.  However, they do not include training, which I don’t believe is an issue.
Other companies are offering similar systems:

  • Promethean’s resellers are selling their equivalent option for €2,500
  • TouchIT (my new favourite) is about €2,500 too
  • Rainbow Education’s eBeam  system is also around €2,500

I’m delighted that I can finally recommend a Smartboard because I really do appreciate their sponsorship.  The guys in Liosdoire are good people – they seem honest and ready to compete in an Interactive Whiteboard Price War.  The bar is now reset for companies selling eBeam and Mimio.   Who would have thought that seven days ago?

3 thoughts on “And the IPPN Cheapest Interactive Whiteboard Solution is…”

  1. Ok so are you saying smartboard is the way to go??? have to have my mind made up by friday!! am under the impression that money isnt an issue.

  2. Hi diamond. Nope, that’s not what I’m saying. I was simply pointing out the cheapest board available at that time. Having said that, SmartBoards are excellent IWBs, but your needs may be different. Check out my complete review of Interactive Whiteboards in the Technology section for lots of information.

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