Dublin Rally

The final leg of the protests against the budget cuts to education attracted over 60,000 people.  I couldn’t believe the number of people around me.  I rushed to the front of the protest to get a good view of the speakers – (I couldn’t hear a word in Tullamore).  Even though I had arrived at the march at 11:30 that morning it took me almost 45 minutes to reach the head of the crowd.

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Bhí Ocras Orm

Anseo.net introduces its first fully-featured piece of software for 2008-09.  Bhí Ocras Orm is an interactive Gaeilge resource. It is first and foremost a computerised book which tells the story of a boy who keeps eating until he get a “pian in a bholg”.  There are 6 interactive games to support the book all of which … Read more

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