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From RTE news web site:

The Department of Education has announced a significant rowing back on controversial proposed cuts to substitution cover in primary schools.
The department said it will be restoring cover for teachers on uncertified sick leave in all but a limited number of cases.
The Budget had proposed eliminating all funding for substitutes for teachers that were absent without a doctor’s certificate.


Primary school managers had warned that this would cause chaos in schools.
They also warned that the measure could end up costing the State more money, as teachers came under pressure to get certificates and stay out for longer.
The Department has announced that substitution cover is to be fully restored for all schools with two or less teachers.
In the majority of larger schools, substitute cover will be restored for all but the first day of absence.
When more than one teacher is absent on uncertified sick leave, substitute cover will be provided for second and subsequent absent teachers.
Primary school managers have welcomed the decision.
The Irish Primary Principals Network has said it is happy that the Minister has agreed short term plans for substitute cover for teachers on sick leave.
However, the organisation says it feels the plan does not address the real need of schools because the first day of leave is not covered and this is often the most difficult to make plans for.
The Catholic Primary School Manager’s Association said the move will make it easier for schools to manage when teachers are ill.
It said it will be very happy to engage now with the department on other issues related to the Budget cuts.
The multidenominational body Educate Together was also pleased by the decision.
It said it wished to thank the Minister for listening to the views of Primary Management Bodies and for inviting them to make proposals to him on the matter.
It said it looks forward to participating in the review process announced by the Minister.

Story from RTÉ News:

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