IPPN Expo Preview

Every year, we preview the Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN) conference and its Teacher Expo. This year, it is open to teachers on Thursday evening if their school has a delegate at the conference. As well as this, the IPPN have embraced Twitter fully and there is a hashtag #IPPN15 that can be followed. There are over … Read more

ClassDojo and Ireland

I had the pleasure of a wonderful Skype chat with Jenna Kleine from ClassDojo this week where we talked all about ClassDojo and what Irish schools might want. She also shared some of the developments going ahead with ClassDojo in the future including one that is being released today. The big announcement is ClassDojo’s updated app … Read more

Junior Spider Awards Open Now!

The Eircom Junior Spider Awards are now open for entries. Entries are open to everyone aged between 4-19 years of age from the Republic or Northern Ireland may enter the awards. Those who enter are representing themselves and if they wish they will also be representing their School/Coderdojos/Education Centres. Entrants may enter as an individual, as a group … Read more

CESI Conference Sneak Preview

With only 6 weeks to go until the annual CESI Conference, (hashtag is #cesicon), CESI have released a “taster” of the programme for February 28th. The big pull for the conference is the quality of keynote speaker that CESI manage to get! This year is no different with John Davitt and Tim Rylands & Sarah Nield. As always, there’s a vast … Read more

Project 252

Enda Donlon is one of the best known educators in Ireland and has a strong interest in educational technology. He has been a member of the fantastic CESI committee for many years. This year, he is embarking on a year-long project designed to crowd-source a list of edtech tools in order to compile an A-Z directory, Project 252. … Read more

What’s Mathletes all about?

Last year, Mathletes burst on to the Irish education scene with great backing from the Department of Education and educational institutions. It is based on the very successful Khan Academy, which took the world by storm a few years ago, by collating a load of videos together to teach certain topics. It has evolved to … Read more

Anseo.net Predictions for 2015

Every year at Anseo.net, we make predictions for what we think will be the big stories for the following year. Last year, we thought special educational needs would be the big story of 2014 and it certainly was one of them with the NCSE proposing a new model for allocating resources, which was met with dismay … Read more

Anseo.net Review of 2014

2014 will be remembered more in secondary schools than in primary schools due to their teachers taking strike action against the reforms set by the Department of Education. It appears it will also be the story of 2015 for secondary schools, but what will primary schools remember most about 2014? In our annual review of the … Read more

INTO Highlight a new Digital Divide

The December issue of the INTO’s magazine is an edTech special with a number of articles on various aspects of technology in education. I was struck by the cover page headline: The Great Digital Divide. Up until recently, the digital divide referred to the gap between the generation that grew up with technology and those who did … Read more

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