Burren National School: A symbol of the divestment process

Today, Educate Together announced that the proposed new Educate Together school in Castlebar was not going to open because a suitable premises was not offered. The building that the church offered is a school that hasn’t been used in over 20 years, is inaccessible and is over 12km from Castlebar. Rather than providing a suitable temporary … Read more

Where do unbaptised children fit in?

I’ve been following the recent discussions about unbaptised children accessing primary education over the last number of weeks. In order to enrol in a Catholic school, often one has to produce a Baptismal Certificate. If a child hasn’t been baptised, schools must enrol the child anyway unless they are oversubscribed. Once a school is oversubscribed, they can enforce … Read more

Should schools be allowed to discriminate?

The headline grabber from the INTO congress was Jan O’Sullivan’s announcement that new enrollment guidelines will now be enacted. The media have decided to set their focus on one aspect of the new guidelines: now schools can only prioritise the enrollment of 10% of past pupils. It has been taken on to such an extent that one … Read more

A short guide to religion in primary schools

Over the last number of years, the population of Ireland has changed. One of the things that has changed greatly in the last while is the rise in the number of belief systems in the country. Traditionally, Ireland consisted of a population of around 99% Christians, generally either Catholic or Church of Ireland with a smattering … Read more

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