Special Episode: Cumasú is Coming at You

Joe McHugh used to be famous for being the Minister for the Gaeltacht despite not speaking Irish. He then became famous for re-learning the Irish language to fluency. Now he just can’t stop talking Irish, so it’s no surprise that the latest Action Plan for Education has an Irish name, Cumasú, which sounds a lot more interesting than its English translation.

Thankfully, McHugh has kept his big promise of ensuring a slowdown to the initiatives in education as his Action Plan has only 280 of them! In fairness to him, not all 280 of them are relevant to primary level, so I decided to go through them and you can too! Here’s the link to the document: https://www.education.ie/en/Publications/Corporate-Reports/Strategy-Statement/action-plan-for-education-2019.pdf

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