Communion Season: You can’t have your cupcake and eat it

Every May in Ireland, newspapers, magazines and radio shows are full of talk about Communion Season, as it seems collectively to be known. And during Communion Season, (I dislike that term), you hear lots of talk about getting the house painted and decorated, you hear a lot about dinner plans in hotels, you hear a lot about how dress fittings, hair appointments and in some cases spray tans – and that’s not the parents. When Communion Season comes along you hear about weight loss plans and seasonal colours for mother’s dresses.

You hear about house parties with bouncy castles, wads of €50 notes and the all-important must-have cupcakes with edible crosses on top. And this year, it seems that the most important fashion-accessory for many people is to admit they ticked the “No Religion” box on the census and celebrate their hypocrisy. In this special Communion Season episode (groan) I’m going to try and explain to you why despite the temptation to tell me otherwise, it is, in fact, my business.

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