Overhead Projectors vs Visualisers

I received the following comment about an article written about visualisers and thought I’d address it: I am a primary music teacher used to using an OHP and acetates for songs. This works very well as I can stand behind the machine and children can see my mouth shapes and hear my voice as I … Read more

Do you really need to spend loads of money on Visualisers?

A visualiser is a handy teaching tool to show children small things on a big screen. It can also be used to show a page of a book or a sample piece of work. They come in all shapes and sizes and cost cost hundreds of euro. Essentially, a visualiser, in its barest form is … Read more

The Dangers of Visualisers

Let me ask you two questions. The first one is easy. How do you, as a teacher, use a visualiser? I’d imagine one might offer that it’s a great way to show the page of a school textbook or if one is embarrassed to admit you use textbooks, one might say it’s great for showing … Read more

A Simple Guide to Visualisers

This year’s must-have fashion accessory for the primary classroom appears to be the visualiser. Although they’ve been tinkering around at education exhibitions for the last few years, 2010-11 could be the year where they really take off.  In this article I’m going to try and explain what a visualiser is, how they are used in … Read more

What’s the difference between Visualisers and Interactive Whiteboards?

Somebody asked for advice on the Irish Principals’ Forum about getting a visualiser for their classrooms when they already had IWBs. They were wondering was there any point in investing in the visualiser at all. I thought it might be helpful to point out the differences between the two. A Visualiser does a different job … Read more

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