Genee Interactive Whiteboard

The Genee Powerboard is incredibly similar to the Hitachi Starboard.  It uses exactly the same infrared technology which allows the user to interact with the board using either their finger, pen or any other pointy object.  Its software is also reasonably good.  Like the Hitachi, you can use your hand to swipe the screen to … Read more

What is Cloud Computing?

Over the last couple of years, the term “Cloud Computing” has been buzzing around in the techie world.  Inevitably, it buzzes into the education world at some point.  And yes, it’s starting to cause a bit of a stir.  Today a principal from Co. Meath impressed me greatly when he suggested that another of his … Read more

Free Technology for the Classroom

The government have invested nothing in ICT in the majority of primary schools since about 1997.  Yes, we were wired up to very slow Internet connections a few years ago but the vast majority of schools have funded their own hardware and software purchases without any proper independent guidance.  The only guidance available are from … Read more

Starting from Scratch (with Scratch)

Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to the Scratch Saturday session held by CESI today so whilst watching the X-Factor, I decided to try and teach myself how to use this language.  I had had a little bit of experience trying it out at the Tipperary Institute conference earlier this year but got so … Read more

Traceboard Interactive Whiteboard

The great thing about blogging compared to, for example, print media is that if you write something that’s inaccurate, you can go back and make changes. My first impression of the Traceboard when I met it two years ago was that it was a Smartboard clone. I gave it a fairly average review and it … Read more

Refurbished Computers

Update: August 2016 Schools don’t really need top of the range equipment.  Given our  budgets, we only need equipment that runs the software that we use. Since the Internet and Open Source software has become so mainstream, there really isn’t any particular software we need that requires a huge amount of power.  In fact, with cloud computing … Read more

Using a Nintendo Wii to make an IWB

I was randomly browsing the web and came across a web site I’d never seen before called Apparently the author of and some other business folk have come together to promote the use of the wiimote interactive whiteboard in schools. Right now there’s very little on the web site except for a couple … Read more

Teamboard IWB

Just before I published the June Interactive Whiteboard review, I came across the Teamboard IWB.  I said that as soon as I had some time to play around with it, I’d give it a review.  I contacted the company who sell the board, Sight and Sound, who are based in Dublin, and they lent me … Read more

Interwrite IWB

Just when I thought I’d reviewed every Interactive Whiteboard, there ever was and along comes another one.  Except, this one has been around as long as any of them.  In fact, this board has a 75% market share in Northern Ireland.  The board is called InterWrite and it’s being sold by a company called IMEX. … Read more

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