We bought iPads but our wifi is poor. What do we do?

I received the following query today. We have recently purchased iPads in our school. We ran a summer course on using iPads only to discover that the wifi is very poor on the ground floor of the school. Have you any suggestions on how to go about improving the wifi in the school? If I … Read more

Cost of setting up an email address for each member of staff

A school can create a free email address for members of staff if they wish by using any free email service but in order to have something that can be managed, a very small investment is probably needed. Interestingly, the investment is for a domain name rather than for email addresses per se. In my … Read more

My pen for my IWB is broken. Can I use any Interactive pen?

Interactive Whiteboards comes in a few different flavours these days. The two main categories can be loosely described as: Traditional Interactive Whiteboards Interactive Touch Screens The second type is the newer type of board and is basically a giant TV screen which can be interacted with touch. It doesn’t require a particular stylus so most … Read more

What is IGTV?

Social Media is ever evolving and the latest potential big thing is IGTV (Instagram Television) where you can now upload videos up to 10 minutes long on your own Instagram TV channel. It’s only been out a day or two so there’s probably going to be a few changes as time goes on but the … Read more

What should schools do regarding smartphone & tablet use?

The Department of Education decided to release a rather odd circular (38/2018) on the use of smartphones and tablet devices in order for them to update or replace their existing whole school policy on ICT. Schools are being asked to decide on a number of issues: The appropriate use, if any, of tablet devices and … Read more

What do I do about GDPR if I have a teacher blog?

Lots of teachers have blogs today where they share some of their classroom practice. With the new rules around GDPR coming up shortly, like all websites, they will have to ensure that they are compliant. I am not an expert in this area so this guide is merely a starting point to get you going. … Read more

How do I add a Cookies’ Notice to my School Website?

Under GDPR rules, after May 25th, your school website will have to have a notice to say that it uses cookies. If you don’t know what cookies are, in summary, they are something that keeps a little bit of a user’s data on your website. Because it isn’t your data, under GDPR law, you will … Read more

What is the best value teacher laptop for basic needs?

If your laptop has just crashed and you are worried about all your data stored on it, well not to worry as during such time TOTL data recovery services is the place you must be contacting. They can ensure to get you almost all your data back from its drive. Laptops seems to be like … Read more

Chromebook Questions

Here are some questions I was asked by a teacher who is looking into buying Chromebooks. I am no expert but learning loads about them at the moment so will update this article as I learn more. Are Chromebooks easy to administer? ( I worked in IT for about 10 years, and have pretty ok … Read more

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