Primary Schools and Facebook Pages

Should primary schools have Facebook pages? This was the question of the week on the various fora that I subscribe to. I thought I’d write a few quick thoughts on my own experience of having a Facebook page for my school and point out a few things that you need to know. In my opinion, … Read more

Social Media and the Teaching Council

It seems that the Teaching Council met recently to discuss social media usage amongst teachers and they came up with this nugget in their “Draft Code for Professional Conduct for Teachers” 3.3.7  ensure that any communication with pupils/students, colleagues, parents, school management and others is appropriate, including communication via electronic media, such as e-mail, texting and … Read more

Any Educational Interest in Pinterest?

I’ve been playing about with Pinterest for a few days after I was very kindly sent an invite from Little Angels Special School in Donegal who have a super web site as well as Pinterest site. What is Pinterest and why are people very excited by it? Pinterest describe themselves as a virtual pinboard and … Read more

Google Plus and Education

Whenever some new service comes along, as a teacher, I inevitably think about how it could be used for education purposes.  I think almost any web service can be adapted for educational use.  I do it on a daily basis with Facebook and Twitter.  With the launch of Google Plus last week, a few ideas … Read more

Should Facebook be used in Primary Schools?

Social networking is now part of almost everyone’s everyday lives, with people checking their online lives on their phones, iPads and any other Internet device several times a day.  Of all the social networks out there, Facebook is the most popular with over 600 million users worldwide.  It has as many plaudits as it does … Read more

Using a Facebook Page to reach out to Parents

Cloud computing is already transforming the way we communicate. Online tools such as Google Apps has helped businesses and schools to improve collaboration and communication without having to download any software. My school uses Google Apps for all our policies, records and communication. We also use an app called Aladdin, which is built on Google … Read more

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