We bought iPads but our wifi is poor. What do we do?

I received the following query today. We have recently purchased iPads in our school. We ran a summer course on using iPads only to discover that the wifi is very poor on the ground floor of the school. Have you any suggestions on how to go about improving the wifi in the school? If I … Read more

Are routers and switches the same?

Switches and Routers connect to each other but are not the same thing. A Router is the box that gets the Internet from the provider. You can access the Internet by plugging a computer directly into a network point of a router so there’s no need for switches. Usually, however, routers only have a couple … Read more

How can I use tablets in a room with no WiFi?

Often Irish primary schools will extend or build on prefabricated buildings to their permanent structure and often they will not have a WiFi infrastructure. This article assumes that WiFi is available in other parts of the school. There are 2 possibilities here. The first is that the new room has a wired network point. This … Read more

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