Piloting POD – Day 1: RTFM

The Department of Education, (DES), have decided to pilot an online database for primary schools called POD. Apart from having a nice name, the news of its arrival has been met with rumbles of dissatisfaction from primary school principals who believe it will add even more to their workload than the time it promises to … Read more

Sharing and Storing Files

Leading on from a question from a colleague of mine about storing files so that all the staff in the school could access and share them, I thought I’d look at a few options that are out there. Since the advent of cloud computing there are now several ways to do this so we’ll take … Read more

Managing Student Information

Student Management Systems are the biggest things to hit schools since Interactive Whiteboards. This article, the fourth one in my series, focuses on how Student Management Systems can be used for storing important information about students. Obviously, when it comes to choosing your system, you have to be sure that the information stored on it is … Read more

Student Management Systems: Staff Communication

In my school, we don’t bother using a staff noticeboard as everything is done online. We also have a number of other tools on our system, Aladdin, which we use to store information. Although my school uses Aladdin Schools, there are a number of other similar systems out there. However, do check to see if … Read more

Attendance Tracking

Over the last few years, student management systems have become central to many schools’ administration. This article focuses on the monitoring of student attendance. In my school, we use Aladdin Schools, which is a cloud-computing solution built on Google. It allows me and my staff to do almost any form of administration that we need. … Read more

Library Management Systems

Library Management Systems have been around for quite some time in schools but it’s only in the last year with the rise in mobile technologies and cloud-based intelligence, that they are becoming a very interesting concept in Irish schools. In this article, I’ll be exploring some of the options that I know about in Ireland … Read more

Parent Teacher Meetings 2.0

For the last few years, I used to dread Parent Teacher Meetings. This might seem strange as I am an administrative principal. The reason I dreaded the meetings was having to organise the timetable for the days. What might seem like a simple enough job of simply slotting in children into regular segments of time … Read more

Creating an Online Application Form for Jobs

In August 2009, I pondered on the idea of creating a system where teachers could apply for jobs in a school using an online system.  Teachers were complaining, rightly, that it was costing them over €2 every time they applied for a job.  Moreover the amount of trees being killed every summer thanks to the … Read more

Electronic Absence Note

When a child is absent from school, parents are required to write a note to the teacher explaining the reason for the absence. The National Education Welfare Board (NEWB) are informed when a child misses a certain number of days of school. When a teacher fills out the information for a child’s absences, he/she must … Read more

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