What is the best value teacher laptop for basic needs?

If your laptop has just crashed and you are worried about all your data stored on it, well not to worry as during such time TOTL data recovery services is the place you must be contacting. They can ensure to get you almost all your data back from its drive. Laptops seems to be like … Read more

Chromebook Questions

Here are some questions I was asked by a teacher who is looking into buying Chromebooks. I am no expert but learning loads about them at the moment so will update this article as I learn more. Are Chromebooks easy to administer? ( I worked in IT for about 10 years, and have pretty ok … Read more

What laptop should I buy for a teacher in school?

Things have become a bit less straightforward in the world of laptops. There was a bit of a period where things had become fairly easy and you could go into any shop and buy any laptop and expect things to go pretty well. If fact, up until this year, I would have said to you … Read more

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