What is IGTV?

Social Media is ever evolving and the latest potential big thing is IGTV (Instagram Television) where you can now upload videos up to 10 minutes long on your own Instagram TV channel. It’s only been out a day or two so there’s probably going to be a few changes as time goes on but the … Read more

Fís: What can be done

Sometimes you have to let something do the speaking for itself as to why primary school teaching is one of the most fantastic jobs in the world. Fís is a film making awards ceremony for primary schools and every year one can only be blown away by what children can create. Here is one such … Read more

12 ICT Ideas for Christmas

It’s a month before Christmas and while the shops have been full of the spirit since September, we’ve waited until now to showcase some ideas for the next month of school. Here are some ideas to integrate technology in your classroom for the festive season. This list was started in 2010 and each year we … Read more

Christmas games in the Irish classroom

I’ve put together a couple of games and activities that could be used in the classroom in those last few days where your pupils are very excited and find it hard to settle and do their normal classwork. You can have a bit of fun while ensuring the class are still learning! I’ve only included … Read more

5 Ways to Integrate ICT in Easter

Easter is one of the big two Christian festivals in Ireland.  Aside from the excitement of Easter Eggs and Bunnies, most children learn about the roots of the festival in school.  In this article, I’m going to go through a few ways to integrate technology into learning about Easter. Telling the Easter Story Interactively While … Read more

Google Maps on an Interactive Whiteboard

I think it’s safe to say that Google changed the way we looked at maps. Before Google, maps served us with very few purposes. We used a map to find directions to places or we used maps to find features of places. Nowadays, maps can be used to find good restaurants, track a town’s history, … Read more

Film in schools – the red carpet comes out

It’s over! Our 5 month film making project is completed. We submitted our film online to the euro creator website and now, we wait! The last month of school involved editing, editing and more editing! Some interesting things we noted were the use of lighting and how important it is for continuity. While, we were … Read more

Twitter and Visual Arts in Primary Schools

Primary schools in June are hectic places to be. With reports to be filled out, sports days and school trips on the agenda, there isn’t usually a lot of time for anything else. So, it was probably not the best time for me to ask schools if they were interested in an experiment to see … Read more

Fis-filming ends and imovie takes over!

Well, it’s over! The filming, that is and now to the really hard and finicky bit: the editing! We have been filming for about a month, we went way over schedule due to a very tricky dance scene, relocation, over zealous students and the general day to day that is school life! The Editing team … Read more

Filming begins…with a lot of reshooting!

The filming begins! We have completed week one of filming.  Our week has been made up of filming on location at our own school and the local gaelscoil, where we are borrowing their classroom. Our film has a dance scene (don’t ask!) and we needed a non carpeted floor, our own school didn’t have this … Read more

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