What should schools do regarding smartphone & tablet use?

The Department of Education decided to release a rather odd circular (38/2018) on the use of smartphones and tablet devices in order for them to update or replace their existing whole school policy on ICT. Schools are being asked to decide on a number of issues: The appropriate use, if any, of tablet devices and … Read more

Behaviour Management Systems

Online Behaviour Management Systems are becoming popular tools for teachers to record and monitor pupils’ behaviour in class. Given that almost every classroom now has an Interactive Whiteboard (or at least a projector), Behaviour Management Systems can be a highly effective, visual way to display how a class is performing. In this article, I am … Read more

Back To School: ClassDojo

One of the most amazing tools I have seen in use in classrooms is ClassDojo. For those of you who haven’t discovered it, I would say it potentially could revolutionise your classroom management system. ClassDojo allows you to set up rewards for your class. For example, you might wish to reward children for being kind … Read more

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