How do I set up a simple school blog?

Setting up a school blog, thankfully, isn’t such a difficult thing to do anymore. However, the real question is whether you really want to do so! Like everything else technology-related, things move quickly. The trouble with school blogs is that they can clutter up a school website with old irrelevant information very quickly. The trick … Read more

Hiring Professionals for School Web Sites

More often, today, a school web site is most likely going to be the first thing a prospective family will see before they decide to take a step into enrolling their child in a school. If you don’t have a web site or your web site hasn’t been updated for a long time, it doesn’t … Read more

Tools to Design a School Web Site

About 4 years ago I wrote an article about the various tools that were available to make a school web site. Back then there were a limited number of options and the idea of having a school blog wasn’t that popular. Obviously things have changed a lot so I thought I’d write a more up-to-date … Read more

6 Quick Ways for Schools to Blog

Most schools have web sites nowadays with ever changing information. The problem with this is that content disappears from the front page very quickly. In my school, we set a challenge for our teachers – upload at least one article per month. ¬†Right now, there are 9 teachers on our staff. ¬†Our front page allows … Read more

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