Classroom Signs 1

A selection of signs to brighten up your classroom. The first four in our series include: Library, Sand Pit, Science Area and Maths Area. I’ll create more for each subject soon but just wanted to see if these ones looked any good. Download classroom signs

Examples of Gaeilge Displays

I’m not sure who “SunflowerLily” is, but she has taken some great photos of her classroom this year with lovely classroom displays as Gaeilge. To have a look at these photos, click here and be both jealous and inspired!

Yoruba (and other) Myths Lessons for 5th/6th

Just thought some people might be interested in looking at myths from around the world. Here’s a link to my blog with a post about it. The site I am recommending is called Mythic Journeys and there are about 10 free cultural myths. There are lesson plans, worksheets (comprehension) and good teacher materials. You can … Read more

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