128. Automatically Cluster SET Allocations

This article was written on the evening of when the SET allocations came out. On the Anseo Facebook Page, I wrote, “Let the scavenger hunt begin!” The whole way the DES release the allocations is akin to throwing a load of breadcrumbs into the middle of a flock of ducks. Every duck fights for their … Read more

060. Set the same insurance rates for all schools

Many people wouldn’t realise that there is only one insurance company in Ireland that covers schools. It’s called Allianz. They used to be known as Church and General. This might explain why. However, in the post church-run world of school insurance, you might be surprised to learn that schools do not all pay the same … Read more

119. DES should provide standardised policies to all schools

One of the many things I can’t understand about the Department of Education is how they are still getting away with having no responsibility for what happens in schools. The whole “providing for education” rather than “providing education” just doesn’t cut it when every week, at least one circular on average is published, which forces schools … Read more

115. Create centres for pre and after school care

Every so often, some politician makes the suggestion that classrooms should be utilised for after school care. The problem with this idea is that teachers tend not to leave their classrooms after school finishes and they have to get their rooms ready for the following day before they leave. Anyway, it makes a good soundbite … Read more

111. Schools to be given free ICT Technical Support

It might seem surprising to people outside of the primary education system to know that schools receive absolutely no funding for technical support should any of their technology break down. Schools are forced to dip into parents’ pockets, as usual, in order to afford any form of technical support, with costs roughly €90 per hour … Read more

109. Ensure teachers have a recognised voice in all consultations.

One of my pet hates is when the government decide to have a consultation in educational matters. Inevitably, two things can happen in these. Firstly, the consultation can go out to everyone in Ireland. Secondly, the consultation can happen without input from teachers.  In both circumstances, opinion tends to be watered down by vested interests. … Read more

104. Increase resources for EAL

Back in the day, if you came to Ireland as a primary school pupil without English as a first language, you would likely have received some language support. In 2007, schools were allocated extra teachers on the following basis:  Number of pupils Posts Number of pupils Posts Number of pupils Posts 14 to 27 1 … Read more

103. Infant classrooms should be designed differently

Infant education has been changing over the last couple of decades to a more play-based child-led curriculum. However, classrooms have not. Recently, we held a “Day of Play” where children had the freedom of unstructured play all day. What I noticed about how the infants worked through the day was how they automatically moved their … Read more

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