118. Ensure all libraries are stocked with books that speak to all children

School libraries are interesting places. The vast majority of the books in them are donations from pupils’ attics. You’ll find all sorts of gems from all encyclopaedias which still recognise Yugoslavia as a country and the odd unacceptable Enid Blyton illustration. However, you’ll rarely find books that speak to anyone outside of the white, middle-class, … Read more

091. Any faith formation must be provided in parish centres or religious-owned buildings.

The last article posed the suggestion that failing a full church separation that faith formation would not be taught during the school day. This article pushes the boat a little further out. The government announced in the push for a pluralistic education system that no one should have to travel more than 30 minutes to … Read more

081. Ensure that RSE is standardised

Teaching about Relationships and Sexuality Education in Ireland, you’d think, would be a fairly straightforward affair. There’s a curriculum to follow and the government have even made a step-by-step programme to follow. Somebody should have told them that the Catholic Church weren’t pleased with it though so they came up with their own interpretation, and … Read more

079. Do not allow external agencies teach RSE

Teachers are qualified to teacher 11 subjects and are expected to do so fully, except for one: the Relationships and Sexuality Education curriculum, which is part of SPHE. For some peculiar reason, hundreds of teachers give up their classrooms for what is colloquially called “The Talk” and some outside speaker comes into the classroom to … Read more

024. Abolish favourable entry to Teacher Training for Protestants

During the recession, it was decided that we had far too many Teacher Training Colleges and it was time to amalgamate them. Hibernia College was exempt as a private entity but the others were all fair game and were absorbed into various universities. One such amalgamation was in DCU where the old St. Patrick’s College … Read more

007. Scrap the patronage system

Choice. This is the word most used to combat my argument that we should scrap the patronage model. When it comes to education, it seems that almost everyone thinks they should have a choice of the flavour of school their child should go to. I honestly can’t understand why this would be. I don’t get … Read more

001. Separate Church and State

Despite our country’s education system beginning with a non-denominational model, Ireland’s primary education system is almost completely controlled by church bodies, with 96% of schools having a religious body as their patronage. 90% of schools have the Catholic Church as their patron body. All of the rest but 3 have a Christian patron body. In … Read more

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