052. Have specialised qualifications for Infant teachers

Sometimes it’s good to change a long held tradition. Anyone working in infant classes will see that their job is completely different to that of someone in another class. The way the curriculum is going, with Aistear encompassing much of what infant teachers do these days, is it time to simply use infants as a … Read more

034. Change Infants structure

Junior Infant classes can be a bit of a mix with children ranging from very young 4 year olds to very old 5 year olds and the difference between them is easy to spot, in general. There’s also a very odd leap between pre-school and primary school in loads of ways – never mind the … Read more

Thank a Teacher

From my observations and from the various independent reports that have been published, in Ireland, the majority of parents believe that teachers are doing a good job with their children. Sometimes, it can be difficult as a teacher to see this because the media, in general, have been less than positive about our profession since … Read more

Guest Post: Ceol Ireland

Thanks to Carmel Dunne and Ali Giusti for their guest article about Ceol, a music programme for primary schools.  Ceol has been around since 1998 in classrooms and is widely considered to be the best music programme on the market.  In this article, the concept of Ceol is explained. More than any other subject, music … Read more

Me…a scrooge?

Hi there!
Am so excited re the holidays which are fast approaching! With one week to go, I know the class are going to be going slightly more mental than usual! Before every celebration or big event, i.e. Halloween, Easter, Christmas or Bank Holdiays, certain members of my class will start to lose the plot, get overexcited and become hyperactive little aliens.

Read more

Where can I find Easter Game suitable for Infants?

A free download from anseo.net to celebrate Easter and to help Junior Infants in the Maths curriculum.  The Easter Bunny finds himself in different situations and children must use the correct language to describe where he is.  Please leave feedback by adding a comment to this article if you download it and use it.

Where can I find examples of Classroom Displays?

These are some displays I have created since I started teaching. Some are from my old Junior Infant classroom and there are also a few from my current classroom. Hope they’re useful for other people when stuck for an idea! http://picasaweb.google.com/anseo.net/ClassroomDisplay

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