What are teachers for?

Michelle McBride writes about healthy eating in schools in her article called “It is not teachers who sneak chocolate in kids’ lunchboxes.” in the Independent on the 21st October 2015. I agree with her that not every new social concern can be foisted on to the teacher’s desk but there are some issues within her … Read more

Have we witnessed the death knell for primary education in Ireland?

The long awaited plan for Literacy and Numeracy was published by the Department of Education this week.  It was in reaction to Ireland’s slide in the latest PISA report, which saw Ireland drop down their league tables in both literacy and numeracy.  The newest Minister for Education, Ruairi Quinn, promised reform in our education system, … Read more

Thoughts on Ruairí Quinn's Plan for Literacy and Numeracy

Ruairí Quinn has figured out how we can improve literacy and numeracy standards in primary schools across the country.  Since the PISA reports damned our education system in late 2010, a number of solutions were offered to our Minister.  Many organisations suggested that we train up teachers and trainee-teachers in more modern teaching methodologies. Some … Read more

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