Two Line Tuesday

Michael Noonan wants to give all children an iPad each as part of his election manifesto. Noonan is  clearly either trying not to get re-elected or he’s trying to annoy Microsoft, Google and all the other companies who make tablets. Predictions for 2015

Every year at, we make predictions for what we think will be the big stories for the following year. Last year, we thought special educational needs would be the big story of 2014 and it certainly was one of them with the NCSE proposing a new model for allocating resources, which was met with dismay … Read more

Three Guides to Classroom Technology

I decided to create some helpful guides to classroom technology for schools. The idea was to keep them to one page and to provide enough information for schools to help them understand the various advantages and disadvantages of particular hardware and software. So far, I’ve created three guides and they are on the topics of: … Read more

Digital Art Week Instructions

Digital Art Week starts next week so here is a simple step-by-step guide to adding your children’s art. Make a piece of art using any electronic device. You can use a Painting package, an app on an iPad or other tablet or anything else. Use your imagination! Go to this web site: Fill in … Read more

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