Minister Bruton launches 2018 Digital Plan for Schools

Somehow, I missed this announcement last week even so it contains 80 actions and sub actions to be completed before the end of 2018. I had a quick look through it. The trouble with these documents is that they are exceptionally waffle-ridden and really difficult to read. Themes, subthemes, actions, subactions, etc. etc. It would … Read more

IPPN Expo 2018

Every year, I look through the list of exhibitors at the IPPN Conference Expo and pick out a few that catch my eye. As always, there’s the usual stalwarts of Expos past but there are a few new faces to check out as well. Technology services have been picking up over the last couple of … Read more

Summer Course Guide 2017

Every year, looks at the offerings from the summer course guide and we pick out a number of courses that capture our imagination. With so many independent providers of summer courses these days, it can be difficult to find the course that suits you best. We’re judging courses by their titles so we might miss a … Read more

Community National School Drowns in Tweets

Yesterday we learned that Richard Bruton wants the ETB to go around asking schools to divest to other patrons, one of which is actually the ETB itself. Not only that, now that we’ve nearly managed to stop wasting money on paying rent on prefabs, the government now want to pay the Catholic Church up to … Read more

IPPN Expo Preview

Every year before the IPPN, I go through the Expo listings to try and find some interesting companies who are vying for business. With the announcement of ICT funding coming close to the end of the month, technology companies are going to be busy. There seems to be over a dozen companies trying to sell … Read more Review of 2016

2016 has widely been acknowledged as being a very difficult year. Whatever angle one viewed the year, it was a worrying one. The headline grabbers, of course, were the British people voting to leave the EU and Donald Trump winning the American presidential election. In Europe, we saw countries closing their borders to people fleeing the … Read more

Two Line Tuesday: Equal Pay

It was a scandal that INTO members sold their colleagues out in the first place, on the recommendation from the CEC, during negotiations with the government a few years ago. I hope if equality of pay is achieved, the union will be courteous enough not to pat themselves on the back but to credit ordinary … Read more

Two Line Tuesday: Droichead – No Means Yes

In case anyone was wondering about the wording of the Droichead ballot, if you vote “yes” it means “no” to Droichead and if you vote “no,” it means “yes” to Droichead. Well, that’s nicely confusing.

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