Two Line Tuesday: Coding

I imagine that Richard Bruton is thinking, ‘If I say “coding in schools” enough times, eventually everyone will believe in it. I won’t actually provide any support, infrastructure, funding or training but it’s going to happen and nothing could possibly go wrong.’

Two Line Tuesday: Kids on Board

Richard Bruton has announced several reforms of the education system including the wonderful distraction of proposing children become members of Boards of Management. Seeing that Boards do not get paid for their work, would this qualify as child slave labour?

Two Line Tuesday: Don’t forget why you are marching

Let’s not forget, a majority of teachers voted to accept that their colleagues would receive lower wages than they would rather than everyone taking an equal hit. We should also not forget that this was aided by a recommendation to do so by the INTO CEC at the time.

Two Line Tuesday: The Budget

There was so little to report from the budget today, we only probably need a One Line Tuesday. Zero money for primary schools and no reversal of cuts is probably the best summary of it.

Two Line Tuesday: Sex Education

According to a recent study, (see here), students feel that Sex Education is negative, out of touch and gendered. With over 90% of schools in Ireland forced to teach sex education from a negative, out of touch and gendered point of view, (see here), it’s hardly surprising.

Two Line Tuesday: Happy Summer

As we wind down to the last few days of term in most primary schools, we wish you the very best for the summer break ahead. 2016-17 looks like it’s going to be an interesting year already!

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