Digital Art Week Instructions

Digital Art Week starts next week so here is a simple step-by-step guide to adding your children’s art.

  1. Make a piece of art using any electronic device. You can use a Painting package, an app on an iPad or other tablet or anything else. Use your imagination!
  2. Go to this web site:
  3. Fill in all the details about you and your school.
  4. In the last section, you’ll need to add “Digital Art Week” before you click the Finish button
  5. That’s it!

Don’t forgot to follow the other things going on during the week. The devious Harry Hawk┬áis causing lots of problems and is on the Wanted List for his crimes! Follow him on Twitter as well as Leo the Vole and solve lots of puzzles. You can also check out excellent art links suggested by the Twitter community on this special page.

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