Pluralism and Patronage Report

The report from the forum on patronage and pluralism in the primary sector published its findings today. It was interesting to see the media’s take on the findings. The Irish Independent focused mainly on how sacrament preparation would be removed from the school day in all schools, mentioning this in all its articles. They also … Read more

Technology and Pedagogy – not a chicken and egg

The IPPN conference is the biggest conference for primary school prinicpals in Europe with over 1,100 delegates.  The event, which goes on for 3 days draws in some of the biggest names in education and media, all discussing everything relating to primary schools.  This year the principals were addressed by the likes of Ben Walden … Read more

Something to think about Ruairi Quinn (Part 3)

The final part of my letter to Ruairi Quinn… Has there been any mention of learning here? Of children? Of humans? Basic human rights to respect and consideration. This is a country we should not be following or looking to. In Ireland, we have a basis of trust, consideration and respect for teachers in Ireland. … Read more

Something to think about Ruairi Quinn (Part 2)

Continuing from my letter from the last day, here is part 2… Instead, in the UK, schools are restricted by regulations, standards, targets and appraisals which are designed to give a uniform approach to learning, no matter the background of the school or child. Their Education Secretary is Michael Gove, as I am sure you … Read more

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