102. Scrap Creative Ireland

The vision on the front of the Creative Ireland web site is wonderfully uncreative: The Creative Ireland Programme is guided by a vision that every person in Ireland will have the opportunity to realise their full creative potential. While I think it’s hugely important to support the arts in Ireland by whatever means, Creative Ireland definitely … Read more

087. Scrap standardised testing

If we’ve learned nothing else from countries where they are obsessed with standardised testings and from countries where they aren’t, it’s very clear that standardised testing does absolutely nothing to improve learning outcomes. In a way, it makes sense then that the Irish government decided not only to make it compulsory for Irish pupils to … Read more

027. No tolerance for violence

Think back to your own primary school experience and ask yourself: do you ever remember your teacher being hit by a pupil? The likely answer is that it absolutely never happened. Now ask yourself if one of your colleagues was struck by a child in the last few years.  Violence (physical and verbal) towards adults … Read more

083. Replace the inspectorate with a mentoring system

Nobody really likes a visit from the cigire. The Department of Education sends out inspectors to schools every so often to make sure schools are doing what they are supposed to be doing and when they aren’t the inspector writes recommendations. The problem with the inspectorate model is that it doesn’t really help anyone, especially … Read more

075. POD to be scrapped

Imagine in your job if you were using a really good system for administration for a number of years and then your boss came along and built a system that tried to do the same but was much worse, then forced you to use that system instead.  Well, that’s pretty much what has happened in … Read more

071. All schools to be sustainable

In fairness to the Department of Education, when they are building schools these days, they try to make an effort to make them energy efficient and as green as possible. Sadly, the builders rarely get it right because of the tendering process, (see idea 69.) To add to the criteria of building schools, every new … Read more

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