Initial Thoughts about NCSE’s Total Inclusion Solution

The NCSE Annual Research Conference took place today which basically asked the question, is a fully inclusive school system right for Ireland? Teresa Griffin said before the conference: “We want Irish children with additional complex needs to have the best education outcomes from our schools. Children with additional needs can attend mainstream schools or special … Read more

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128. Automatically Cluster SET Allocations

This article was written on the evening of when the SET allocations came out. On the Anseo Facebook Page, I wrote, “Let the scavenger hunt begin!” The whole way the DES release the allocations is akin to throwing a load of breadcrumbs into the middle of a flock of ducks. Every duck fights for their … Read more

117. Increase the number of social workers

Just how bad do things have to get before Child Protection is taken seriously in Ireland? It seems no matter what scandal unfolds, we spend loads of money trying to find out what went wrong and creating new guidelines for people working with young people. Yes, it’s the usual story with Tusla. Their answer to … Read more

104. Increase resources for EAL

Back in the day, if you came to Ireland as a primary school pupil without English as a first language, you would likely have received some language support. In 2007, schools were allocated extra teachers on the following basis:  Number of pupils Posts Number of pupils Posts Number of pupils Posts 14 to 27 1 … Read more

085. Classroom Assistants instead of SNAs

When the Special Needs Assistant scheme was first introduced, there was a good deal of flexibility in what an SNA could do with a child. The recession came and arbitrary decisions were made to constrain what an SNA could and couldn’t do for the purposes of saving money rather than actually helping children with additional … Read more

127. Restoration of the 15% cut to Resource Hours to schools

In the midst of the recession, one of the early cuts to education was a 15% reduction in support hours for pupils with additional needs. This meant that pupils receiving 5 hours per week of support were down 45 minutes of support per week. When not much came in the way of protest, Ruairi Quinn, … Read more

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