060. Set the same insurance rates for all schools

Many people wouldn’t realise that there is only one insurance company in Ireland that covers schools. It’s called Allianz. They used to be known as Church and General. This might explain why. However, in the post church-run world of school insurance, you might be surprised to learn that schools do not all pay the same … Read more

105. E Charging points for all schools

Full disclosure here: I have an eCar so I’d personally benefit from this. However, hear me out; there is much more altruism in this idea than you might first think. Let’s make a couple of wild assumptions. The first one is that schools are community hubs. They are generally located in almost every village and … Read more

104. Increase resources for EAL

Back in the day, if you came to Ireland as a primary school pupil without English as a first language, you would likely have received some language support. In 2007, schools were allocated extra teachers on the following basis:  Number of pupils Posts Number of pupils Posts Number of pupils Posts 14 to 27 1 … Read more

102. Scrap Creative Ireland

The vision on the front of the Creative Ireland web site is wonderfully uncreative: The Creative Ireland Programme is guided by a vision that every person in Ireland will have the opportunity to realise their full creative potential. While I think it’s hugely important to support the arts in Ireland by whatever means, Creative Ireland definitely … Read more

100. Centralise photocopying management

Whether we like it or not, the paperless classroom is a long way from reality, and arguably the most important piece of equipment in a school is the photocopier. It is so important that if you go to any Irish education conference, you’ll have nearly half a dozen “big” companies trying their nest to lure … Read more

086. Scrap VAT for schools

Schools are public services and they receive money from the government. When a school purchases anything, they have to pay VAT on it, which goes back to the government, so effectively, whatever money the government gives to schools, between 13.5% and 23% of it goes back to the government, which makes very little sense especially … Read more

070. Make primary education actually free

Primary education is supposed to be free. However, the reality is that it isn’t. In fact, it’s nowhere near free! According to Zurich Insurance who measure this sort of thing, in 2018, it cost an average of €830 per child per year to go to primary school. While some people may not believe this figure, … Read more

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