063. Remuneration for Principals for managing all positions in the school

There’s not too many jobs out there where a manager would work for free. However, that’s exactly what principals do every day. Despite a principal having to manage all the staff in the school, that’s the teachers, SNAs, caretakers, secretaries, bus escorts and anyone else, (s)he only gets paid for the teachers.  There are circumstances … Read more

026. Ban Fundraising

That’s easy for you to say! Indeed it is easy simply to say ban fundraising in schools, but who is going to plug the hole that is left from the lack of money given to schools to keep going? Who is going to fund the costs of teachers’ materials. Where is the money going to … Read more

122. Schools need Sports Facilities

Imagine a secondary school being built without a football pitch or some sort of sport’s field. It just doesn’t happen these days. However, would it surprise you to hear that no primary school built in the last 15 years has had a sports pitch built as part of the building? If you’re a primary school … Read more

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