Maths Week Tables Tips

Throughout Maths Week, teachers around the country were asked to give tips for learning multiplication tables using the hashtag, #tablestips, on Twitter.  We had a good response with 16 teachers tweeting lots of different tips.  The most popular tip involved the 9 times tables, with several good ideas to help learn them.  Other ideas included … Read more

Maths Week Twitter Project 2011

This year Maths Week takes place in Ireland from 15th to 22nd October.  Already in its sixth year, the event has gained huge popularity.  This year, I’ve decided to try out a Twitter project for the week to help children to learn their times tables.  If you’re interested in joining in, all you need is … Read more

Bloggers International

What are you doing on June 29th?  Are you winding down ready for the final day of term?  Before you do, and if you’re around Portlaoise, it might be worth checking out Bloggers International’s first event. Bloggers International is the coming together of the KLCK (Kilkenny, Laois, Carlow, Kildare) Blogging Group and the Chipping Norton … Read more

30 Irish Primary Schools who Tweet

There are now a number of Irish primary schools using Twitter.  Over the last year thanks to projects such as Digital Art Week, The cross-Atlantic Sweets Project and various other projects, the power of using Twitter to help schools communicate with each other is starting to gain popularity.  If your school wants to start tweeting, … Read more

Our Twitter Experiment according to 6th Class

The following article was written by 2 sixth class pupils in St. Martin de Porres NS in Dublin. Their teacher is Anne McMorrough, a well known primary school teacher in ICT circles. I’m delighted that the children got so much out of Twitter and I look forward to trying it out again! Over to you … Read more

Twitter in Primary Education (3)

The first Twitter in Irish Primary Schools experiment was a success. With 120 tweets and 21 users contributing over the week, there was plenty of scope for learning. For those of you who missed the previous two articles, the first Twitter experiment focussed on the primary Geography curriculum where schools were asked to talk about … Read more

Twitter and Primary Education (2)

The first week of the Twitter Experiment ended on Friday and a total of 21 Irish primary schools and 120 tweets were broadcast using the hashtag #twexp1.  I had expected a much smaller uptake for the week so was delighted to see the number of schools tweeting.  The focus of #twexp1 (TWitter EXPeriment 1) was … Read more

Twitter Experiment 2 – Instructions

To everyone who joined us in our first Twitter Experiment, thank you for agreeing to join us again for part two! There are a couple of changes to writing tweets, for example, we’re able to do this without the hashtag from the previous experiment. For those of you who are new, you’re very welcome to … Read more

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