Twitter Experiment 2 – Instructions

To everyone who joined us in our first Twitter Experiment, thank you for agreeing to join us again for part two! There are a couple of changes to writing tweets, for example, we’re able to do this without the hashtag from the previous experiment. For those of you who are new, you’re very welcome to the experiment and I hope you and your class get lots of fun out of it. There will be a section below to show you how to join in.

This week we’re changing our focus to Visual Arts. We’re still trying to keep it as simple as possible but for more adventurous Twitter users, there’s going to be some extra fun stuff you and your class will be able to do.

This week’s topic is: “The Most Expensive Painting in the World”

Here are a few facts for you. The most expensive painting in the world is by Jackson Pollock and it’s called “No. 5”. It cost the buyer $140 million in 2006. Below is a picture of the painting.

For this week’s Twitter experiment, here are some leading questions and tweets to answer

1. Make a comment about the painting, e.g. “I think the painting is cool!”
2. Tell us one good/bad thing about it.
3. Do you think it’s worth $140m and why?
4. Tell us something you know about Jackson Pollock or the painting
5. Find out something about another famous artist and tweet it.

For the more adventurous Twitter users…

Get the children to paint a painting based on Jackson Pollock’s No. 5, photograph it and post it up on Twitter using a service like

For those of you who tweeted during #twexp1, there is no need to add this hashtag anymore to your tweets.  Simply write your tweet as normal and it will automatically be added a special list which you have been added to. To access it, simply go to the web site,

For new users, set up a Twitter account on and send me your username. I’ll add you to the list.  To send me your username, you can either email me or send me a tweet to @simonmlewis.

You can then tweet away and all your responses will show up automatically on the web site:

While it would be great to see lots of tweets about the Jackson Pollock painting, you are welcome to chat about anything.  Like last time, I will grab all the relevant tweets and post them up for you to use again.  Any questions, simply click on the CONTACT link at the top, email me or send me a tweet to @simonmlewis

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