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What are you doing on June 29th?  Are you winding down ready for the final day of term?  Before you do, and if you’re around Portlaoise, it might be worth checking out Bloggers International’s first event.
Bloggers International is the coming together of the KLCK (Kilkenny, Laois, Carlow, Kildare) Blogging Group and the Chipping Norton Social Media Group.  There’s going to be a big panel discussion on all things social media and it sounds like it’s going to be great fun.  While the event is more than likely going to have a fairly business angle to it, for educators like myself, it is great to know the types of innovations that are going on in real Irish businesses.
One of the main things we teachers beat ourselves up about, (as do the media), is our own confidence in using technology and social media tools like Facebook, Blogging and Twitter.  It turns out we’re not alone.  Most of the people attending these events are small businesses who can’t pay for web designers to do all that stuff.  It turns out we’re not alone and they all have the same issues that we have.  I have already met some very interesting people and every week I learn something from some expert who gives a talk.
With the joining of these two groups, it looks like the event will have even more capacity for learning and I expect that it will be a fairly popular event.  The event is sponsored by Carlow/Laois-based company, Blacknight. I will be tweeting questions and answers from the evening using the hashtag #bi11 so come along to the Heritage Hotel in Portlaoise on 29th June.  Not a bad way to end the school year.

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