Shortlisted for Blog Awards

Just a quick post to announce that has made it to the shortlist of the Blog Awards this year. This year, education has its own category. We’re very proud of the progress we’ve made in the last year adding a number of features to the blog to make it even better for all our … Read more

What's all the fuss with Scratch?

Scratch is a visual programming language suitable for children from the age of 8.  It’s very simple to use and it can lead to some very interesting projects.  Last year, I did a project with some 5th and 6th class pupils where they created a cartoon.  The learning involved was amazing: planning, storyboarding, storytelling, art, … Read more

CESI Meet 2009

CESI will again be hosting a CESI Meet this September.  I can’t wait!  The last one was absolutely brilliant and I came away with zillions of ideas and inspiration.  I think I’m giving a short talk at this one but haven’t decided what to talk about – perhaps, some of you can give me suggestions?  … Read more

Topp Day in Tipp

The ICT in Education Conference was held in the Tipperary Institute today.  It’s in its fifth year and it was the first time that I was able to make it due to their decision to move it to the weekend.  To sum it up in one word – inspiring; but one word couldn’t do it justice so I’ve decided to post all about my day in Tipp here hoping that it might inspire people to go to next year’s conference.

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