Review:Playground games by Positive Press

  Playground games is a 22 page booklet consisting of 20 different playground games. You may know some of the games, you have played some of them when you were little! For example, we have “duck, duck, goose”, “Oranges and lemons” but we also have less known games like “I sent a letter” and  Jamaican … Read more

Review of the Emotions range:Flashcards&posters:Positive Press/Jenny Mosley

Review Emotions range:Flashcards&posters:Positive Press-Jenny Mosley This new product from Positive Press and Jenny Mosely consists of a set of bright picture cards and matching posters. They can be used as a way for children to talk about emotions and how people might look when they feel certain ways. The pictures not only show the facial … Read more

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