Review of the Emotions range:Flashcards&posters:Positive Press/Jenny Mosley

Emotions range:Flashcards&posters:Positive Press-Jenny Mosley
This new product from Positive Press and Jenny Mosely consists of a set of bright picture cards and matching posters.
They can be used as a way for children to talk about emotions and how people might look when they feel certain ways.
The pictures not only show the facial expressions but they also demonstrate the body language to go with it. This resource would be suitable for a mainstream school and class of any age.
Some children with special needs may find the cards difficult to understand and may take too literal meanings from the body language. i.e. everytime a person puts their hand in their pocket, they are bored. So, use them in the mainstream class for best effect.
The cards and posters come with a sheet of ideas and activties on how to use them in the classroom.
Relevance to curriculum aims: 5/5
These cards can be used in drama, SPHE, English and even Visual Arts as an expressive art lesson. The area of emotional literacy is vitally important in the SPHE curriculum so they tick that box too!
Teacher useability: 4/5
Very easy to use, the cards come with a list of ideas and ways to incorporate them into the lessons. However, when  you open the cards up, the packaging is destroyed as it is only light plastic. A folder would have been a nice addition. The posters would brighten up any corner, display and add to the learning for the child.
Value for money:5/5
I think they represent good value as you get the posters and the cards for the one price.
Extras: 3/5
The cards come with a range of ideas and activities whereas the posters are as is.
They cost €28.40 for the set of posters and cards and can be purchased at

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